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5 altcoins that could enter a growth phase over bitcoin

5 altcoins that could enter a growth phase over bitcoin, according to van de Poppe

Crypto-strategist and trader Michaël van de Poppe reveals the names of a select group of altcoins that he believes have the potential to significantly boost your bitcoin holdings.

Please note that the content of this article does not necessarily reflect the opinion of CryptoMonday and in no way constitutes financial advice. Investing in altcoins comes with a Crypto Trader high risk and the entire stake could be lost.

In a new video, Van de Poppe tells his 29,500 YouTube subscribers that while many altcoins are already showing an impressive rise measured in US dollars, only a handful are just starting to show signs of picking up even against Bitcoin (BTC).

These 5 altcoins could soon outperform bitcoin

Among them, the experienced trader has his eye on Cosmos (ATOM). With ATOM trading just short of its all-time high at $22.02 at the time of the video, it did not seem like a good opportunity to enter. Instead of chasing the pump against the US dollar, Van de Poppe says, one should look at the ATOM/BTC currency pair. Indeed, here the altcoin may be on the verge of starting an uptrend.

He believes the same is true for Celer Network (CELR). The trader noted that CELR/USDT has just completed a major parabolic move. Meanwhile, something is brewing in the CELR/BTC pair after a long downtrend.

We are forming a nice bullish divergence at the bottom.

The trader is also looking at Harmony (ONE/BTC), which Van de Poppe says has a similar market structure to CELR/BTC. Other hot candidates for appreciation against Bitcoin (BTC) are DIA and TomoChain (TOMO), in his opinion.

An altcoin market is on the horizon

The assessment on the part of van de Poppe and his suspicions that a variety of altcoins could be on the rise against Bitcoin (BTC) coincide with the view that Bitcoin dominance is about to cede significant market share.

For example, Bitcoin Booth wrote in its Telegram channel in a post on 14 February that 2021 will be the year of the altcoins. It states:

The 12 Montas chart of Bitcoin dominance also shows a Hanging Man, which typically denotes the end of an uptrend. At the same time, the market cap excluding Bitcoin (BTC) recently broke through its all-time high after forming a round bottom over the past 3 years. We expect to reach a market cap of US$1 trillion in the near future.

Accordingly, it might be worth keeping a special eye on promising altcoin projects in the coming weeks and months. In particular, the field of decentralised finance (DeFi) offers some high-quality projects.

Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume doubles as its price surpasses $ 40,000

The euphoria that has surrounded the cryptocurrency markets since December is palpable. The volume of Bitcoin exchange has thus doubled, while the largest cryptocurrency has authorized a breakthrough above 40,000 dollars …

Bitcoin trading volume (BTC) at the highest

The news was shared by Mati Greenspan, analyst and founder of Quantum Economics. He explains that Bitcoin’s trading volume now far exceeds that of Bitcoin ’s last great bull run (BTC):

“Bitcoin trading volumes on all exchanges have just doubled from their previous record highs. “

On Binance alone, the 24-hour volume exceeds $ 5.2 billion for Bitcoin Bank, according to data from CoinGecko . The enthusiasm is therefore very present, even if a strong correction seems to be on the horizon, after these explosive few weeks. The quantity of Bitcoin sent to the exchanges is indeed also logically increasing, which could precede massive sales.

Bitcoin exceeds $ 40,000 before correcting

It must be said that the breakthrough of Bitcoin turned out to be particularly rapid. As of December 8, the largest cryptocurrency had yet to exceed $ 20,000. But a month later, she made a brief jump above $ 40,000 . This new record was set on some platforms at the end of the day yesterday. Immediately afterwards, however, the price of Bitcoin plummeted by almost 10%:

Around 8 am this morning, the price is holding above $ 38,000 . Bitcoin’s very rapid take-off, however, has some analysts fearing a sudden retracement. This is for example the opinion of Josh Rager , the founder of Blockroots, who estimates that the BTC could lose 50% of its value and fall back towards the 20 000 dollars, before progressing again.

The analysis is shared by Gavin Smith, CEO of Panxora Group, who told Reuters :

“The reality is that Bitcoin is far from being a magic money tree, nor is it immune to downward price movements. In reality, one can expect drops as high as 25% every now and then, as investors withdraw their profits. „

Simplex partners with Visa to issue crypto-debit cards

With Simplex becoming a leading Visa member in Europe, its member companies can now issue crypto debit cards to their customers.

More than 200 Simplex member companies can now offer crypto debit cards to their customers, potentially allowing greater adoption of crypto currencies for retail transactions.

The development is the result of a recent partnership between Simplex and Visa announced on Monday. Simplex, an on-ramp fiat to crypto service, is now a leading Visa member in Europe.

A Simplex spokesperson explained to Cointelegraph that the partnership is primarily a boost to the company’s business-to-business activities. „The core membership is what allows us to implement this in our partner network, basically giving any Simplex partner the ability to offer a crypto Visa or fiat card.

For Simplex founder and CEO Nimrod Lehavi, the partnership with Visa is an important step in the company’s plans to enable greater access to digital currencies. In October, Simplex added a Tether to Euro cash withdrawal feature to its platform.

Crypto debit cards remain an important component to allow for „fiat-like convenience“ for spending cryptomoney like Bitcoin Union online or in physical stores. In fact, the increased use of digital currencies for micro-transactions remains one of the benchmarks for assessing crypt adoption.

In 2020, several crypto coin companies began launching debit cards that allow users to spend their crypts. Binance Card is the latest addition to be sent to European customers in December. Earlier that month, crypto lender BlockFi announced its own card program.

Simplex joins Coinbase in the ranks of crypto-native companies obtaining primary membership status. The exchange had previously achieved the same milestone in February, although it has yet to make direct use of the capacity, as its cards continue to be issued by outside vendors.

NFL-spiller mottar $ 6,5 millioner lønn i Bitcoin

Russell Okung krevde lønnsutbetaling gjennom Bitcoin i 2019 og mottok til slutt halvparten av sine $ 13 millioner avgifter i BTC.

Russell Okung, som spiller for Carolina Panthers i American National Football League (NFL), kunngjorde at han endelig har mottatt 50% av sine årlige avgifter på $ 13 millioner i Bitcoin.

Okung ble den første spilleren i NFL som fikk betalt i Bitcoin

I følge den offisielle kunngjøringen konverterte Okung $ 6,5 millioner av sin NFL-lønn til Bitcoin gjennom BTC-betalingsoppstart Zap. Okung har vært en stor tilhenger av digital valuta da han twitret i mai 2019 at han ønsket å bli betalt med verdens største kryptovaluta.

NFL-spilleren svarte på sin egen tweet i går og kunngjorde at han endelig har mottatt betaling i Bitcoin. Okung kritiserte amerikanske dollar og ga bekymringer om økende inflasjon.

“Når vi alle får betalt i Bitcoin, kan ingen fortelle oss hva vi skal gjøre med verdien vi skaper. Hvis du tror at valg er rigget, vent til du lærer om den amerikanske dollaren. Du kan lage ‚x‘ for et år og se hvordan det sakte eroderer av inflasjon, eller du kan beskytte de hardt opptjente pengene dine med Bitcoin, ”nevnte Okung på Twitter.

Bitcoin i sport

NFL klarerte at ligaen ikke betalte Okung direkte i Bitcoin, og han konverterte sin årslønn til BTC gjennom en oppstart. Til tross for grunnen til at American League ikke forfølger betalinger direkte gjennom Bitcoin, har verdens største kryptovaluta fått enorm popularitet blant idrettsutøvere over hele verden. Jack Mallers, grunnlegger av Zap, fortalte i et intervju til Coindesk at idrettsutøvere fra National Basketball Association (NBA) og Major League Baseball (MLB) er i diskusjoner for å komme inn i programmet.

Prisen på Bitcoin har hoppet mer enn 8% de siste 24 timene for å nå $ 28 500. Verdens største kryptokurrency fikk betydelig verdi i desember og hoppet fra $ 19.000 til $ 28.000 på mindre enn 4 uker. Den totale markedsverdi for kryptokurver er nå over $ 750 milliarder dollar da BTC-dominansen krysset 70%, som er det høyeste nivået på uker.

Bedrifter eier nå $ 30 milliarder i Bitcoin når Bull Run lønner seg

Bedrifter som investerte i Bitcoin i år tok en god beslutning, ser det ut til at prisen på Bitcoin fortsetter å skyte.

Kort fortalt

I år valgte selskaper over hele verden å investere i Bitcoin og holde det i statskassen.
Prisen på kryptovalutaen har vokst – det gjør investeringene deres verdt.
Den totale mengden Bitcoin som selskaper over hele verden nå eier er verdt over $ 30 milliarder dollar.

Noen få utvalgte selskaper over hele verden har nå totalt 1,15 millioner Bitcoin i sine statskasser. Det er mer enn 30 milliarder dollar av kryptovalutaen – takket være kryptokurrencyens siste prisoppgang (noe som delvis skyldes at store selskaper snapper opp eiendelen.)

Tallene, utgitt av Bitcoin Treasuries, viser at 29 selskaper eier 5,48% av Bitcoins totale forsyning i sine statskasser.

Av alle selskapene som er oppført, eier det amerikanske forretningsinformasjonsselskapet MicroStrategy mest. Den har over 70 000 – eller 1,8 milliarder dollar av kryptovalutaen.

Bitcoin stiger over $ 28.000; Market Cap topper en halv billion dollar

Bitcoin har nok en gang nådd en ny heltid. I dag overgikk Bitcoin 28 000 dollar og oppnådde en markedsverdi på en halv billion dollar.

Dette er fordi konsernsjefen, Michael Saylor, nå er en Bitcoin-evangelist som mener eiendelen er bedre enn gull og kjøper opp kryptovalutaen som om det ikke er morgendagen.

21. desember kjøpte selskapet 29 646 Bitcoin – i dag verdt over 800 millioner dollar.

  • BTC
  • + 51,10% $ 26791.7
  • 24H7D1M1YMaks
  • 28. nov 2. des 2. des 6 des 10 des 14 des 18 des 22 des 26170001900021000230002500027000
  • BTC-pris

Andre offentlige selskaper på listen med alvorlige Bitcoin inkluderer verdipapirforetaket Galaxy Digital, med $ 448 millioner; betalingsselskapet Square, med over 126 millioner dollar; og gruveselskap, Hut 8, som har 79 millioner dollar.

Private selskaper inkluderer den tidligere børsen, MTGOX K.K., som eier $ 3,8 milliarder dollar i Bitcoin, og kapitalforvaltningsselskapet Stone Ridge Holdings Group, som eier $ 292 millioner etter investering i oktober.

Bitcoin Treasuries viser også „ETF-lignende“ selskaper som Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (15,6 milliarder dollar) og CoinShares (1,9 milliarder dollar).

Men til tross for at $ 30 milliarder dollar høres ut som mye, er det store flertallet av selskapene på listen kryptovaluta-relaterte. Vi har fortsatt en stund før hedgefond over hele verden begynner å ha valutaen.

Når det er sagt, snakker flere om det hele tiden, og noen investerer, så kanskje de begynner å holde det i statskassen før forventet.

Le istituzioni ’sembrano essersi perse‘ il rally di Bitcoin verso un nuovo massimo storico: rapporto

Gli investitori istituzionali sembrano aver generalmente perso il rally di bitcoin a un nuovo massimo storico superiore a $ 24.000, poiché mentre gli investitori al dettaglio stavano sfruttando le loro posizioni lunghe, le istituzioni stavano tagliando le loro e prendendo profitti.

Secondo un rapporto pubblicato da OKEx Insight , l’open interest ha raggiunto un nuovo massimo storico di $ 8,9 miliardi durante il fine settimana e OKEx ha guidato con $ 1,6 miliardi di open interest

Allo stesso modo, gli swap perpetui di BTC hanno visto il loro prezzo di mercato superare il prezzo dell’indice mentre i tassi di finanziamento hanno raggiunto un nuovo massimo.

Secondo OKEx Insight, tassi di finanziamento eccessivi indicano una leva finanziaria in aumento nel mercato, il che implica che gli investitori al dettaglio che negoziano sugli scambi di criptovaluta stavano sfruttando le loro posizioni lunghe mentre il prezzo di Bitcoin Trader ha raggiunto il suo nuovo massimo storico.

Citando i dati del Chicago Mercantile Exchange, che si è concluso appena prima che BTC superasse i $ 20.000, OKEx ha osservato che l’open interest „è diminuito costantemente negli ultimi tre periodi di rendicontazione“, il che „continua a mostrare che gli investitori istituzionali stavano realizzando profitti e che in gran parte perso l’ultimo rally. “

Le posizioni lunghe dei gestori patrimoniali, aggiunge il rapporto, sono scese da 544 a 492 prima del rally, mentre le posizioni corte sono aumentate da m11 a 26

Le posizioni lunghe dei fondi con leva finanziaria sono diminuite analogamente da 4.365 a 3.946 mentre le posizioni corte sono scese da 9.354 a 8.702.

OKEx Insight scrive che il calo di queste posizioni e l’aumento delle posizioni corte indicano che i gestori patrimoniali ei fondi con leva „non sono riusciti ad anticipare l’impennata dei prezzi“ e hanno valutato male il breakout al rialzo del mercato, probabilmente credendo che la resistenza di $ 20.000 avrebbe tenuto.

Con l’avvicinarsi della data di regolamento dei futures e delle opzioni trimestrali, si prevede una maggiore volatilità del mercato poiché un numero maggiore di opzioni in scadenza potrebbe vedere il prezzo spostarsi verso il punto „Max Pain“, che è il prezzo di esercizio con il contratto più aperto mette e chiama.

Il prezzo di Max Pain, ha scritto OKEx, è di circa $ 23.750 e un movimento verso di esso “causerebbe una perdita finanziaria per il maggior numero di titolari di opzioni alla scadenza.

Guggenheim Fund Zoekt $500M Worth Exposure in BTC via Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

In zijn dossier bij de Amerikaanse SEC zegt Guggenheim dat het een blootstelling van 10% wil faciliteren van zijn $5 miljard Macro Opportunities Fund, aan Bitcoin.

De investering zal echter gebeuren via de Grayscale Bitcoin Trust en zou de grootste institutionele investering kunnen zijn na MicroStrategy.

De in Chicago gevestigde wereldwijde investeringsgigant Guggenheim Partners is op zoek naar een enorme investering in Bitcoin. De financiële dienstverleningsgigant behoort tot de nieuwste institutionele spelers die op zoek zijn naar een investering in Bitcoin.

Volgens de indiening op 27 november bij de Amerikaanse Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is Guggenheim’s Macro Opportunities Fund op zoek naar een investering in Bitcoin via de Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). De GBTC is een van ’s werelds grootste Bitcoin-beleggingsfondsen die meer dan 500K Bitcoins bezit met meer dan $9 miljard aan beheerd vermogen.

Volgens de SEC-aanvraag wil Guggenheim 10% van zijn $5 miljard Macro Opportunities Fund in Bitcoin investeren. De investering van $500 miljoen zal de Bitcoin-markt dus waarschijnlijk overspoelen. Dit zal ook een van de grootste institutionele geldpompen in BTC zijn na MicroStrategy’s $425 miljoen. Bovendien staat in de SEC-dossiers:

„Het Macro Opportunities Fund kan indirect beleggen in bitcoin door tot 10% van de nettovermogenswaarde te beleggen in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (‚GBTC‘), een particulier beleggingsvehikel dat investeert in bitcoin. Voor zover het Fonds in GBTC belegt, zal het dit doen via een volledige dochtermaatschappij, die georganiseerd is als een naamloze vennootschap naar het recht van de Kaaimaneilanden (de ‚Dochtermaatschappij‘). Met uitzondering van zijn belegging in GBTC, zal het Fonds niet rechtstreeks of onrechtstreeks beleggen in cryptokringen.

In de aanvraag wordt ook melding gemaakt van andere potentiële risico’s die verbonden zijn aan de belegging in cryptocrpures. Dit omvat een gebrek aan voorschriften voor de cryptowissel en het gebrek aan duidelijkheid over de regels voor de cryptofiscaliteit. Bovendien informeert het de beleggers over de „aanzienlijke premie“ van GBTC ten opzichte van de netto-inventariswaarde. Als GBTC niet tegen een premie ten opzichte van de intrinsieke waarde handelt, kan de beleggingswaarde van het fonds dus dalen.

Guggenheim Fund Belang in BTC te midden van de Bitcoin Price Surge tot boven de $18.5000

Kort nadat het nieuws van Guggenheim uitbrak, maakte de BTC-prijs, die onder druk stond, snelle vorderingen die voorbij de $18.000 niveaus op zondag schommelden. In de perstijd handelt Bitcoin (BTC) tegen een prijs van $18.517 met een marktkapitalisatie van $342 miljard. Na de correctie van afgelopen woensdag bleef de BTC-prijs onder grote druk staan tijdens het weekend.

Welnu, het nieuws over meer institutioneel geld dat naar Bitcoin komt, heeft het sentiment van de stier terug gebracht. Het lijkt erop dat zelfs grote financiële spelers hun posities in Bitcoin aan het opbouwen zijn. De crypto-activaklasse heeft veel grote spelers aangetrokken als potentiële hedge tegen de inflatie.

De voortdurende kwantitatieve versoepelingsmaatregelen van de Fed te midden van de COVID-19 economische crisis zorgen voor brandstof voor Bitcoin. In feite verwaarlozen een groot aantal spelers ook investeringen in goud boven Bitcoin. Terwijl goud tot nu toe slechts 30% is gestegen, is de BTC-prijs tot nu toe meer dan 150% gestegen in 2020.

Top 3 crypto staking: 25% to 35% annual return accessible to all

At a time when traditional finance does not offer any attractive savings solution, some are working behind the scenes to revive a heritage construction worthy of the name. Despite the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the bright future promised to the industry today makes it possible to capitalize on certain projects with the possibilities of exceptional passive income.

Altcoins haven’t said their last words

Difficult to predict future market fluctuations. One thing is certain, the cycles are linked but are not alike. Taking a position in a digital asset is no longer sufficient today. Most POS protocols offer passive income that not only allows you to benefit from rising prices, but also to generate interest rates that can exceed 30%.

Author of a complete offer bringing together Masternodes, Mining and Staking. Just Mining is in pole position to allow investors to benefit from a future improvement in Bitcoin Trader.

The crazy returns: between 25% and 35% annually

1. Synthetix: 34.5% per year – Le Pari DeFi

Emblematic figure of the DeFi crypto scene, Kain Warwick, has made Synthetix the cornerstone of decentralized finance .

Thanks to its asset synthesis proposal , SNX is in a pole position to democratize the trading of traditional synthetic assets, such as gold or equities on traditional markets.

2. Polkadot: 10% annually – The big winner of the 2021/2022 cycle?

While the evolution of Ethereum 2.0 gives rise to questions. After three years of development, a new heavyweight in cryptocurrencies is creating the sensation.

Relying on an ecosystem of developers provided, Polkadot is seen as an outsider in the race for the protocols that will govern the future Web 3.0. The project is today the ninth crypto capitalization.

3. Matic: from 25% to 35% annually – A historic protocol

Matic aroused enormous enthusiasm when it was launched in 2019

Considered a major competitor of Ethereum, Matic promises to facilitate a new wave of adoption through the use of its “Plasma Side Chains” and operation in POS, drastically improving the scalability of its blockchain.

L’offre Just Mining

No more insurmountable entry barriers, Just Mining offers the possibility for everyone to enjoy interest rates exceeding 30% per year . Thanks to an all-in-one platform, a minimum investment of a few tens of euros will suffice to start staking.

Ändern der Hintergrundfarben in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 und 2019

Ändern der Hintergrundfarben in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 und 2019
avatarGeschrieben am 22. Juli 2013
von Adam dem 32-Bit Aardvark
[Aktualisieren]: Einige Versionen von Outlook erlauben es Ihnen, den Dunkelmodus zu aktivieren – was nicht nur die Hintergrundfarben Ihres Outlook ändert, sondern auch den Hauptteil der E-Mails. Erfahren Sie mehr über den Dunkelmodus in Outlook

Ab Microsoft Outlook 2007 können Sie das Erscheinungsbild von Outlook ändern. Abgesehen von der Standardschriftart für Nachrichten, Kalender usw. können Sie die Hintergrundfarbe ändern. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie dies in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 und Outlook als Teil des Office 365-Abonnements tun können:

Outlook 2007
1. Gehe zu: Werkzeuge, Optionen.
2. Wählen Sie die Registerkarte Mail-Format, und klicken Sie dann auf die Schaltfläche Editor-Optionen.
3. Aus dem Dropdown-Menü Farbschema können Sie eine von drei Farben auswählen: Blau, Silber, Rückseite (Abb. 1.).

Auswählen des bevorzugten Farbschemas aus dem Dropdownmenü in Outlook 2007
Abb. 1. Auswahl des bevorzugten Farbschemas aus dem Dropdown-Menü in Outlook 2007.

4. Speichern Sie Ihre neue Einstellung, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche OK klicken.

Ausblick 2010
1. Gehen Sie zur Backstage-Ansicht: Datei, Optionen.
2. In der Registerkarte Allgemein können Sie die gewünschte Farbe auswählen: blau, silbern schwarz (Abb. 2.).

Auswählen des bevorzugten Farbschemas aus dem Dropdown-Menü in Outlook 2010
Abb. 2. Auswählen des bevorzugten Farbschemas aus dem Dropdown-Menü in Outlook 2010.

3. Speichern Sie Ihre neue Einstellung, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche OK klicken.

Ausblick 2013

1. Gehen Sie zur Backstage-Ansicht: Datei, Optionen.

2. Auf der Registerkarte Allgemein können Sie aus dem Dropdown-Menü Office-Thema die gewünschte Farbe auswählen: Weiß, Hellgrau, Dunkelgrau (Abb. 3.).

Auswahl des bevorzugten Farbschemas aus dem Dropdown-Menü in Outlook 2013
Abb. 3. Auswahl des bevorzugten Farbschemas aus dem Dropdown-Menü in Outlook 2013.

Zusätzlich können Sie Ihr Office-Hintergrunddesign anpassen (Abb. 4.):

Auswahl des bevorzugten Office-Hintergrunddesigns aus dem Drop-Down-Menü in Outlook 2013
Abb. 4. Auswahl des bevorzugten Office-Hintergrundthemas aus dem Dropdown-Menü in Outlook 2013.

Die Einstellung Office-Hintergrund zeigt das gewählte Muster in den oberen Fensterleisten von Outlook an (Abb. 5.):

Abb. 5. Geometry Office-Hintergrund in einem neuen Nachrichtenfenster von Outlook.

3. Speichern Sie Ihre neue Einstellung, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche OK klicken.

Ausblick 2016
1. Gehen Sie in die Backstage-Ansicht (Datei, Optionen).
2. Wählen Sie auf der Registerkarte Allgemein aus dem Dropdown-Menü Office-Thema: Bunt, Dunkelgrau oder Weiß (Abb. 6.).

Optionen zum Thema Outlook 2016
Abb. 6. Themenoptionen in Ausblick 2016

Zusätzlich können Sie, wie in Outlook 2013, ein Hintergrundmuster auswählen, das auf allen Hintergrundfenstern von Office 2016 angezeigt wird.

HINWEIS: Die Option Farbig setzt das Outlook-Hintergrundmuster auf blau. Es gibt keine Möglichkeit, eine andere Farbe auszuwählen.

3. 3. Speichern Sie die neue Einstellung, indem Sie auf OK klicken.

Outlook 2019/ Outlook 365
Gehen Sie zu Datei > Optionen, um auf die Backstage-Ansicht zuzugreifen.
Auf der ersten Registerkarte (Allgemein) unter dem Abschnitt Personalisieren Sie Ihr Exemplar von Microsoft Office, können Sie auf die Dropdown-Listenfelder Office-Thema und Office-Hintergrund zugreifen, ähnlich wie in Outlook 2016 und 2013.

Zusätzlich zu den Themen Bunt, Dunkelgrau und Weiß wurde das längst überholte Thema Schwarz wieder hinzugefügt. Eine gute Nachricht für diejenigen, die ihre Augen schonen möchten.
Speichern Sie die Änderungen, indem Sie auf OK klicken.

Wie man WPL-Dateien in MP3 konvertiert

Wie man WPL-Dateien in MP3 konvertiert

Seitenansicht einer afroamerikanischen Frau mittleren Alters, die mit einem Laptop auf dem Boden liegt.
Bildnachweis: Ron Chapple Stock/Ron Chapple Studios/Getty Images
Eine WPL-Datei ist eine Windows-Playliste für den Windows Media Player. Eine MP3-Datei ist ein komprimierter Audiodateityp, der einen Großteil seiner ursprünglichen Qualität beibehält und gleichzeitig kleiner ist als andere verlustfreie Dateitypen wie z. B. Wellenform. Mit der Windows-Playlist-Datei können Sie Ihre vorhandenen MP3s wiederherstellen, anstatt sie zu konvertieren. Wenn in der WPL-Datei ein Pfad gespeichert ist, wird die Audiodatei auf der Festplatte gespeichert. Stellen Sie die MP3-Datei wieder her, indem Sie den Speicherort der Audiodatei öffnen.

Schritt 1
Doppelklicken Sie auf die WPL-Datei. Die Datei wird im Windows Media Player geöffnet und beginnt mit der Wiedergabe des ersten Liedes auf der Liste.

Schritt 2
Klicken Sie in der oberen Navigationsleiste von Windows Media Player auf die Registerkarte „Bibliothek“. Die Benutzeroberfläche der Bibliothek wird geöffnet.

Schritt 3
Navigieren Sie in der Bibliothek zu dem Lied, das Sie wiederherstellen möchten, und klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf das Lied.

Schritt 4
Klicken Sie auf die Option „Open File Location“. Ein Windows-Explorer-Fenster öffnet sich und zeigt den Ordner an, in dem sich die MP3-Datei befindet.

Schritt 5
Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die MP3-Datei und klicken Sie auf „Kopieren“. Navigieren Sie zu einem neuen Speicherort für die Datei; klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste und dann auf „Einfügen“.